Video Content Management System

The Video Content Management System is useful for managing an online video archiving system. If you have so much video content then it gives you many facilities to manage those video contents. Especially it is more helpful for those video contents that you create for education or entertainment purposes. You have both options to keep your contents private and public. So you have the opportunity to keep your premium contents private only for subscribers. The most interesting option of this video cms is to broadcast a live video. Thus you are getting the facility to broadcast any live video session that is running on youtube, zoom, or Facebook. If you work for any educational institute then this system is perfect for distance learning for your institute.

How does a video content management system work for distance learning?

Today distance learning is very popular with students. So most of the school and colleges are going to implement this method for their students. But the reality is that many students do not pay attention to online classes. Then they try to recover what they missed in an online class from the video recordings of these classes. So it is important to provide video recordings to the students. But arranging videos of different classes and topics on a Facebook page or YouTube channel is quite difficult. Then sorting or finding them easily is a bit of a hassle and a matter of time. The biggest problem is It is not possible to create a group of content and manage the access control over the contents. In our system, we have solved these problems and made an excellent video content management system for distance learning.

01 Live Video of Class

Video Conference System for virtual Classroom in Bangladesh
This CMS is very effective for distance learning. It has a facility to run a live class. Our CMS has some extra features for distance learning. It has attendance tracking system of the learners who are in online class. Sometimes it is important to track the records of attendance.

02. Educational Video Content Archive

You have also the option to make video archive of your live classes. So it helps the student to view the lectures repeatedly.

03. Public and Private Content

You can create both public and private contents for your learners. So it help to keep protect your premium content from non registered users of the system. More over you can control the access on the content among paid and un-paid users.

04. Messaging and Commenting

We have kept here a messaging platform and also users have facility to put comments on any content. But only registered users will get these facilities.

05. Content Rating

It is very important to deliver good lecture. So we have brought an option to judge the lecture contents. You will find a rating option on the content that reflects the quality of the content.

A Perfect Video CMS for Entertainment Channel

Our video CMS also works perfectly for your entertainment channel. If you are the owner of an entertainment channel then is the perfect solution that you want. You will be able to broadcast any live event through any live streaming service. It works as an online TV also.

A short overview of our Video CMS:

Here we are going to show you a short overview of our CMS. First of all, it is better to say that we customize our system according to the needs of the customer.

A secured content management system

Our video CMS is a very secured content management system and you need to do login to access our system. You can set access permission on your content. So at first, you have to be a registered user under the CMS. The interface of the system is device responsive also.

Video Content Management System
Content Admin Panel:

vcms bd
Please read also livetv online video streaming cms. We hope you will feel interested to know about the live streaming portal. It is almost the same as a video streaming portal.We also provide a video conference system that is a very stable and cost-effective solution for its users.