Video Conference System in Bangladesh

We provide a low-cost service for a video conference system in Bangladesh to arrange a virtual meeting. If you wish to test our video conference system then we must appreciate you and our team is ready to give you a live demonstration. So at first, we have a request to you to find our software features for the video conferencing system, then you decide why do you call us for a live demonstration? Yes, if you feel satisfied with the features then please feel free to call us.

For whom video conference System in Bangladesh is applicable

First of all, a common question comes. Who are the users of the video conference system? Those who are not able to hold the meeting face to face are organizing the meeting through it. This means,  if it is not possible to attend a meeting physically, then a video conferencing system is an alternative and an effective solution to join a meeting. Prior to 2020, we mainly used video conferencing systems only for foreign business purposes to communicate with the buyers or suppliers. But now the use of this video conference technology has increased thousands of times due to the Corona epidemic. Today everyone from school-college to government office has started using video conferencing system.

01. Video conferencing system for Virtual AGM of a commercial organization

According to the Companies Act of Bangladesh, it is mandatory to have an AGM in each financial year of all companies under the Registrar of Joint Stock Companies. But the companies that have collected capital from the stock market through the sale of shares have to spend a large amount of money to complete an Annual General Meeting (AGM). In 2020 During the lockdown period for COVID-19, most of the schedule of AGM postponed. Since then, the authorities of different companies started to think about introducing an alternative method of doing AGM without appearing physically in the event.  As per the rules of the Securities and Exchange Commission, all companies started to arrange AGM virtually using a video conference system. But the use of the video conference system in Bangladesh was very few before 2020. So we have introduced a stable video conference platform to run a virtual AGM successfully.

02. Video conferencing system for a virtual classroom

Video Conference System for virtual Classroom in Bangladesh
If you want to set up a  virtual classroom, then you must need to have a video conferencing system. You also need some additional software to maintain the classroom and class lecture materials, students’ feedback, and examination. We provide a video conference system in Bangladesh that is customizable to set up a virtual classroom.

Why Zoom is not enough for a complete video conferencing system in Bangladesh?

Yes, Zoom is very popular in Bangladesh as a video conferencing software but it is not enough for a complete video conferencing system. You need enough customization tools for a complete meeting that we provide. In a meeting, there are various types of requirements that are not the same for all meetings. So it becomes mandatory to customize the software as per the client’s requirements and we are able to make that customization.

Software features of our Video Conference System in Bangladesh

If you start looking for virtual AGM software or online meeting software, you will know the names of many software regarding online meetings but it will be very difficult to understand which one is more suitable for you. The video conference system is the core feature of any virtual meeting system. The software that we have developed maintaining the requirements of the AGM of Bangladesh is able to meet all your needs.  Is this software only capable of performing online meetings? Not only does it perform online meetings, but also you can do all the AGM-related things using our virtual meeting platform. So we are inviting you to know all tasks details about the best online meeting platform. In short, we have given here some important features of our Video Conference System.

  • The tasks of Pre-AGM
  • Online meeting
  • Voting by shareholders.
  • The Task of Post-AGM

Key Benefits of Online AGM Software

  • Virtual presence in the meeting
  • Smooth video streaming service
  • No interruption while the meeting is running
  • OTP system supports for memeber login
  • Highly secured system.
  • Affordable and cheap cost AGM Software in Bangladesh

A quick demonstration of a Virtual AGM Bangladesh


We follow all SEC rules and regulations.

Though the video conference system in Bangladesh is not new, the use of this technology was very few. The use of video conferencing systems has increased since the Covid 19 pandemic situation.


Question 01#. Is the virtual Annual General Meeting (AGM) really effective in Bangladesh?

Answer. We have done an analysis on the AGM of the companies of Bangladesh and tried our best to make an effective software.

Question 02#. How does the virtual AGM Service work in Bangladesh?

Answer. You will know how to use this in the above video.

Question 03#. How to set up a virtual classroom?

Answer. You will know how to set up virtual classroom.