We provide both paid training and free training in Bangladesh on Information and Communication Technology. Our training facility is open for all from anywhere in the world. Our training materials are very rich and easy to understand. You will find all the latest news from our official social media Facebook page.

01. Free SEO Training
02. Free HTML Training
03. Free Web Design Training
04. Free WordPress Training
05. Free Oracle Training
06. Free Microsoft SQL Server Training

Free SEO Training

We have started to provide free training in Bangladesh on Search Engine Optimization for Beginners. If you have some basic knowledge of computer operation then you are eligible to have this training. Also, you will have advanced SEO training from our SEO experts. So please go through to know details about our SEO Training.

Free HTML Training

Our free HTML training is for beginners, but you must have to have some basic knowledge of computer operation.

Free Web Design Training

We provide basic web design training for free. If you take this training then it will be easier to get advanced knowledge on web designing. Then you will be able to learn yourself also.

Free WordPress Training

We know that WordPress is the most popular CMS in the world and day by day its is becoming the most powerful tool for web design solutions. so we have taken the initiative to provide free WordPress training to the learners who are very new in web designing.

Free Oracle Training

You know Oracle is the most powerful database in the world and the demand for oracle experts is very high. So if you would have a plan to be an oracle professional then at first you should participate in our free oracle training session.

Free Microsoft SQL Server Training

Microsoft SQL Server is very popular in Bangladesh because it utilizes low hardware resources than other powerful databases. So there are so many benefits for you if you attend our free Microsft SQL Server Training.